Issue No. 1 – The Progress Issue

The first issue of Oak Street Magazine is dedicated to progress: understanding the spark that inspires people to create positive change in their communities. Buy your copy of Oak Street here.


Terence Koh, Ryan Holmes, Cindy Gallop, Antonio Park, Detroit, Shanghai, Third Wave Coffee

Oak Street is a bi-annual print magazine and blog that explores the interaction between media, culture and community. We talk with builders – artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs – and share their stories about how people transform great ideas into movements.


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Ukrainian Beer is a Metaphor for Life

A few miles away from the situation in Crimea, Sam Koebrich finds himself in Odessa, Ukraine in search of some of Europe's finest beers.

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The Science of Spice at Toronto's Hot & Spicy Food Festival

Vibhu Gairola tests his tastebuds (and his stomach) against red hot chili peppers, "death sauce", spicy burgers, and more at Toronto's Hot and Spicy Food Festival while investigating some of the science behind our favorite spicy foods.

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Photo by Flickr member jhl

R.I.P. Resume, Long Live Coffee Meetups

According to Dave Wilkin, founder of networking startup Ten Thousand Coffees, young people need to create opportunities for themselves by getting out from behind a screen to meet potential mentors face to face – over coffee.

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Circuit Overload: August in Electronic Pop and Dance

This month's best, most interesting, and sometimes worst in electronic pop and dance music.

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Oak Street Cooks: Campfire Steak

Going camping this weekend? Don't forget to bring sustinence. Here's how to cook the easiest and tastiest thing around: a nice, big steak.

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Surpassing Modernity: Qatar Travel Diary Part II

What is culture? In Qatar, culture is something you can buy or borrow. As Sam Koebrich explains, Qatar is a society trying to rapidly build all the cultural heritage it can rather than letting it develop naturally over decades, or even centuries.

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Still Crowing: Sharp Barber Culture

We check in with one of North America's busiest barber shops where attention to detail and nerdy obsession go along with sick fades, pomades, and straight razor shaves.

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Hanging Sausages

Preserving the Harvest III: Make Your Own Sausages

Making dried sausages at home isn’t rocket science. It allows you to make sausages flavored to your liking without the addition of any chemical preservatives. Food writer Bartek Komorowski shows you how it's done, step by step so you can make your own.

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