Issue No. 1 – The Progress Issue

The first issue of Oak Street Magazine is dedicated to progress: understanding the spark that inspires people to create positive change in their communities. Buy your copy of Oak Street here.


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Oak Street is a bi-annual print magazine and blog that explores the interaction between media, culture and community. We talk with builders – artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs – and share their stories about how people transform great ideas into movements.


Grapes Wine Crush by Flickr Member Wayne Marshall

Preserving the Harvest II: Basement Winemaking in Woodbridge

Winemaking is about the pursuit of perfection, the blend of flavour and aroma you find to be the best. As a fickle craft, it boils down to things like the quality of the grapes, or the humidity of the day. Meet home winemaker Emilio Micieli, who has been honing his craft for 30 years.

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Pickles after fermentation copy

Preserving the Harvest I: How to Make Fermented Dill Pickles

For those of us living in wintery climates, the only way to extend the harvest bounty into the late fall and winter is to preserve it. Dill pickles are one of the least labour-intensive and time consuming preserves to make at home.

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Cuisse de Grenouille Frank & Oak Surf in Montreal

Surf in Moscow? Surf in Montreal? Surf Everywhere.

It may seem unlikely: a tribute to surfing focused on cities that don’t have an intrinsic surf culture, let alone a surfable beach. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find out that French design studio Cuisse de Grenouille is onto something: the surfer’s attitude is global, regardless of how far you live from the sea.

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Frankie Knuckles 1987

Looking for House: The Origin of Frankie Knuckles

As house music fans are well aware, Francis Nicholls, better known by his DJ handle Frankie Knuckles, passed away earlier this year. After spending more than 30 years crafting graceful edits, remixes and tracks, he most definitively earned the title “Frankie Knuckles the Godfather of House Music”.

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Dormeuil - 1981 by Flickr member rchappo2002

Long, Strange Trip: 40 Years in Men’s Fashion

Bell bottoms, velour suits, oversized pleated trousers… Alan Goouch has seen it all. Goouch opened his independent menswear shop in 1968. From here he has had the perfect vantage point to watch men’s style evolve and develop over the span of 40 plus years.

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Shaved Ice Food Truck

Shaving the Heat with Sweet Snow

Sweet Snow Shave Ice, Toronto’s first shave ice food truck, is the fulfilment of a couple's dream to bring a classic Hawaiian heat buster back home.

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Empire Apothecary

From Kitchen Sink to Empire: Zac Mallard Builds an Apothecary

Zac Mallard didn’t set out to build a line of hair and skincare products; all he wanted to do was learn Adobe Suite. From some experiments with brand design and a lot of kitchen sink tinkering emerged Empire Apothecary – a full-fledged business that's all about making men dapper.

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All Aces: The Game's Most Stylish Tennis Stars

It’s been a fantastic Wimbledon this year. With both the men’s and women’s finals set for the weekend, it’s time to look back at on-court style from the best dressed tennis players of all time. You won’t find any Nadal Manpris or Federer gilded three-piece warm up suits – only the classics.

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