Top Rated 10 The Best Waterproof Work Boots Reviews for 2021

You work hard. Everybody knows nothing can stop you. However, sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate making it difficult for you to work.


Best Waterproof Work Boots 12

If this is you, the good news is that you simply need a good pair of breathable waterproof work boots. However, the bad news is that there are dozens of waterproof work boots available on the market and this makes it difficult to choose.

But worry not. In this article, I am going to reveal to you the best waterproof work boots on the market and what makes them special. I am also going to share with you information that will help you to decide which one among them is the best work boot for you.

The Best Waterproof Work Boots  for 2021

1. ARIAT Men’s Catalyst 8″ H2o Composite Toe Work Boot

Best Waterproof Work Boots 1

This boot is regarded by many workers as one of the best waterproof work boots ever made! This is very evident in its 4.4 stars average rating on Amazon.

What I like the most about this boot is its waterproofness. The boot is so waterproof that it will keep your feet dry even if you stand in a puddle of water.

The waterproofness of this ARIAT Men’s boot is complemented by its 8-inch tall upper part. This extra-tall upper part makes this boot perfect even for working in the snow.

I also like the composite toe box of this ARIAT boot. It provides excellent toe protection and makes this shoe perfect even for jobs such as construction.

Moreover, since this toe box is composite and not steel, it makes this boot lighter than many steel boots. So if you want a work boot that simultaneously provides good protection and is lightweight, look no further than this ARIAT boot.

In terms of comfort, there is nothing not to like about this boot. It has many features that make it comfortable including a rounded and wide toe box, a mesh lining for breathability, a comfy footbed, a supportive midsole, and a good closure system.

There are only two things that I do not like about this boot – its price and the fact that it is not true to size.


  • This is a pair of excellent waterproof work shoes
  • It has excellent composite toe protection
  • It is a very comfortable work boot
  • It is made of quality materials using durable methods
  • It is insulated and breathable at the same time
  • It has a Velcro closure for a more snug fit
  • It is versatile and suitable for various jobs


  • It is an expensive boot
  • It runs half a size small

Despite running half a size small and being expensive, this boot is among the best waterproof work boots currently available on the market.

2. Chippewa Men’s 29416 8″ Waterproof Insulated Work Boot

Best Waterproof Work Boots 2

Are you looking for a rugged boot that is waterproof, safe, and comfortable? Well, this Chippewa Men’s boot is most likely what you are looking for. It is one of the most iconic waterproof safety toe work boots and it is made in America.

Probably the reason why you should buy this boot is its waterproofness. It is made of a quality leather upper that is completely waterproof. The way the upper is fixed on the sole of this boot is also unique and contributes to making it waterproof.

This Chippewa boot’s waterproofness is complemented by the fact that it is insulated. In other words, what I am trying to say is that this boot is both waterproof and insulated and, therefore, can be used to work outside in cold weather or even in the snow. However, the fact that this boot is insulated comes at cost; it makes it too warm for use in the summer.

I think the manufacturer of this boot outdid themselves in making this boot strong. It is so strong that it is very protective and resistant to puncture. It is also so strong that even weeks of heavy use will barely make it develop any signs of wear and tear.

The one thing that I do not like about this boot is how warm it gets in the summer especially in places with hot summer like Southern California.


  • This is a stylish pair of work boots steel toe waterproof
  • It is perfect for working long hours
  • It is constructed to last for a long time
  • It is insulated for working in cold weather
  • It has a superior waterproof insole
  • It is made in America
  • Its leather upper is resistant to punctures


  • It gets warm in hot weather
  • It is costly

Despite being expensive and warm in hot weather, this is a very waterproof and safe work boot. It is much safer to use than most work boots on the market.

3. Irish Setter Work Men’s 83912 Marshall 11″ Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Best Waterproof Work Boots 3

Irish Setter makes some of the most relatively affordable work boots among the popular work boot brands in the USA.

This particular Irish Setter boot is engineered to be suitable for high-risk jobs such as construction jobs, hunting, and welding. Because of this, it is highly popular among workers in the United States.

The best thing about this boot is how comfortable it is. This boot is so comfortable that it does not need an insole even for jobs that involve standing all day on concrete.

However, before you start feeling how comfortable it is around your feet, you will have to wear it for four to six days to break it in.

While the footbed and midsole of this Irish Setter boot make it very comfortable, what makes it even more comfortable is the new technology it is made with which makes it significantly lightweight without affecting its protectiveness, durability, or safety.

The second best thing about this boot is how waterproof it is. Like all the other boots on my list, this is a waterproof boot. It is engineered to keep water out even when you walk in it.

The third best thing about this Irish Setter work shoe is that is comes with electric hazard protection. So if you are working somewhere near live wires or circuits, it is the kind of boot you should be wearing.

The only thing that is not very positive about this boot is that it is not entirely waterproof.


  • This is a great pair of waterproof construction boots
  • It features electrical hazard protection
  • It has a moisture-wicking lining to prevent sweat
  • It is extremely lightweight but durable
  • It has a heat-resistant outsole
  • It is oil resistant too
  • It is fairly easy to break in and to clean


  • It is not completely waterproof

This is one of the most water resistant work boots sold in the USA! It is comfortable, safe, and lightweight. It is something you will feel very safe wearing to a construction site or even demolition site.

4. Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5 Inch Non Metallic Toe Work Boot

Best Waterproof Work Boots 4

The thing I am most appreciative about this Danner Men’s boot is how comfortable it is. Many workers who have worn this boot have confessed that it is much more comfortable than what they expected.

What makes this boot super comfortable is its dual density foam midsole, which absorbs shocks and heavy impacts very well. It makes this boot super comfortable to walk in and to stand in.

I am also appreciative of the special heel design of this Danner boot. It makes this boot more supportive and convenient to use than most work footwear on the market.

The fact that this boot comes with a composite toe and plastic shanks makes it safe and supportive. It also makes it much lighter than most boots on the market.

This is because the composite toe box and the plastic shanks are much lighter than the alternatives (a steel toe box and a steel shank).

Like all the boots in this article, this boot is waterproof. It is designed to offer magnificent dry comfort for workers in places that are ever rainy and cold.

One more thing that is a must mention about this boot is how durable it is. It will serve you for many months even if you use it intensively for many months.


  • This is one of the most comfortable waterproof work boots
  • It is a dual-density midsole boot
  • It comes with great heel support
  • It designed to last for a long time
  • It is super lightweight
  • It comes at a relatively low price
  • It is oil and slip-resistant


  • Its laces are not the best
  • It squeaks when you first use it

Despite the minor flaws above, this is one of the most amazing boots on the market for construction and similar jobs.

5. Carolina Boots: Men’s 8 Inch Waterproof Logger Boots CA8821

Best Waterproof Work Boots 5

This highly-rated pair of waterproof work boots men is well-designed to last for a long time. And it is sold at such a worker-friendly price that you won’t have to break the bank to get it.

The best thing about it is the fact that it keeps the feet dry because it is seriously waterproof. When you wear this boot to work, you will never have to dread a heavy downpour or even the snow. This is because it features a 100% waterproof membrane.

The second best thing about this boot is how tough it is. This is a boot you will not have to worry a lot about maintaining because even without maintenance it will serve you for a very long time.

The third best thing about this boot is the fact that it is both oil and slip-resistant. This makes it a very stable boot. It also makes it less likely for you to slip and suffer an accident when you wear this boot.

The fact that this boot is slip and oil-resistant also makes this boot great around big machines where oils and greases are always found on the floor.

Lastly, this Carolina boot comes with a strong steel shank that provides great arch support and reduces foot fatigue.

The worst thing about this boot is that it does not provide steel toe protection.


  • It is a pair of cheap waterproof work boots
  • It keeps the feet dry and comfortable
  • It is great around heavy machinery
  • It is stable and supportive
  • It delays foot fatigue and does not make feet sore
  • It provides composite toe protection


  • It is a soft toe boot

The fact that this is a soft toe boot makes it not ideal for situations where the risk of something falling and crushing the toes is high. However, for any other workplace where no toe protection is necessary, this boot is very appropriate and safe to wear.

6. Carhartt Men’s 11″ Wellington Waterproof Steel Toe Leather Pull-On Work Boot CMP1259

Best Waterproof Work Boots 6

This pair of Carhartt waterproof slip on work boots has so many comfort and protective features making many people, including myself, consider it to be among best men’s waterproof work boots.

The boot is engineered to be supremely comfortable. Many of its features make it more comfortable than most work shoes on the US market.

For example, it is made in such a way that it does not have a break in period; it is comfy enough for you to wear it straight from the box.

The boot also has a brilliant footbed that is comfortable for standing for many hours and that is designed to reduce foot fatigue.

About protective features, this Carhartt boot has plenty of them.

First, it has a composite toe that provides great toe protection without making it very heavy.

Second, it has electrical hazard protection to protect you against electrical shocks. Third, it has a special outsole that provides good traction to protect you from slipping and falling. Lastly, it has a waterproof membrane to protect your feet from getting wet.

Unlike most waterproof boots, this boot is also breathable so it does not get too warm and sweaty in hot weather.

The only thing unpleasant about this Carhartt boot is the fact that its collar is not padded. This means it has to be worn with a pair of thick socks to prevent scratching.


  • This is a brilliant industrial boot
  • It is stylish and trendy
  • It is simultaneously waterproof and breathable
  • It has a superbly comfortable footbed
  • It provides great toe protection
  • It provides electrical hazard protection
  • It packs dozens


  • It does not have a padded collar
  • It is pricey

While this boot is certainly more expensive than the average work boot, it is worth every penny in its price tag. This is because it is a durable, highly comfortable, and completely protective work boot.

7. Timberland PRO Men’s 47001 Power Welt Waterproof Steel-Toe Boot

Best Waterproof Work Boots 7

This Timberland PRO boot has the Amazon’s Choice label on it. According to Amazon, the label shows that Amazon recommends the product because it is highly-rated and well-priced. 

So if you have been looking for a work shoe that is both top-rated and reasonably priced, this is the boot Amazon (and me) thinks you should buy.

While this boot looks relatively simple, it is considered to be among the safest waterproof leather work boots. This is because it boasts many protective features. Top among its many protective features is a steel toe box.

The toe box provides above-standard toe protection. Another protective feature is a design that offers electrical hazard (EH) protection. This makes it perfect for electricians and contractors working around live wires.

This boot is also made in such a way that it offers torsional stability and slip-resistance. This is a protective feature because it reduces the wearer’s likelihood of slipping and falling

In addition to being safe, this boot is also quite comfortable. It comes with an anatomically-contoured insole that makes it very comfortable. Moreover, its footbed provides great cushioning for maximum comfort.

Timberland also made this boot with a breathable lining, which makes it comfortable to use in hot weather or close to high-heat work environments.

The worst thing about this Timberland PRO boot is that it is a bit heavy. However, you will quickly get used to how it feels.


  • This is among Timberland’s good waterproof work boots
  • It is designed to last for many years
  • It is engineered to be very safe
  • It provides maximum comfort
  • It is totally waterproof
  • It provides torsional stability
  • It provides great traction


  • It is a bit heavy

Not many boots are as safe and as comfortable as this Timberland PRO Men’s 47001 boot. You will love wearing it after getting used to its weight.

8. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 6 Inch Waterproof Steel Toe Work Shoe

Best Waterproof Work Boots 8

While this pair of Wolverine waterproof lace up work boots admittedly needs a bit of time to break in, it is a supremely comfortable pair of work shoes that is suitable even for workers with bad feet and bad knees.

What makes this Wolverine Men’s Floorhand boot comfortable? It is the fact that it has a big toe box, cushioning in the ankle areas, cushioning in the footbed, a thick midsole, and a shock-absorbing design.

It is difficult to find a work shoe sold at the same price as this one that offers more comfort than this one does. What makes this boot perfect for workers with bad feet and knees is its very effective shock-absorbing design that reduces the impact of every step.

This Wolverine boot is quite safe. It provides both standard steel toe protection and standard EH protection. Its outsole also provides slip protection.

The fact that this Wolverine boot is waterproof also means that it offers protection against wetness. This boot is also thick enough to provide natural insulation against the cold. However, I believe it is important to note that it is not actually insulated.

The work boot’s main drawback is the fact that it is not very breathable. However, this is not a problem if you live in an area that is usually cold or very cold.


  • This is a brilliant Timberland-like work boot
  • It is trendy, safe, and comfortable
  • It has steel and EH protection
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • It provides cold resistance
  • It has cushioning around the ankle areas


  • It is not very breathable
  • It does not have a pull on loop

This cheap waterproof boot is perfect especially for those who have sensitive feet that need ankle protection and underfoot protection.

9. Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot

Best Waterproof Work Boots 9

What are the best waterproof durable work boots? Well, in my opinion, this pair of Bates Men’s GX work boots is among the best waterproof boots for work and it is very durable because it is designed to endure constant use.

The most amazing thing about this tactical-style work boot is how lightweight and comfortable it is. This Bates boot is so lightweight compared to most work boots yet it still offers good protection around the feet. You will not feel a thing walking around or doing patrols in this boot no matter how long you do so.

The manufacturer of this boot really did their best in making it comfortable. It has a shock-absorbing and supportive midsole plus a cushioned removable footbed. This makes it more comfortable than most tactical work boots currently on the market.

The manufacturer also outdid themselves in making this boot very dry. Because it is not only waterproof to keep water out, it is also moisture-wicking to remove sweat.

Many law enforcement individuals, police, and private security officers who own this boot like its special rubber outsole. Because it grips the ground well and provides confidence even in slippery conditions.

The worst thing about this Bates boot is the fact that it does not provide steel toe protection. However, this is not really an issue if you want to use it as a tactical boot and not a work boot.


  • This is a great waterproof tactical boot
  • It has a lightweight and comfy design
  • It is extremely waterproof
  • It is highly-protective and puncture proof
  • It does not trigger metal detectors
  • It has a convenient side zip


  • It lacks steel toe protection
  • It is only appropriate for tactical/police work

If you need a tactical work boot that is waterproof, you can do no better than this boot. It is, hands down, the best boot of its kind on the US market!

10. KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee Wide Work Boot

Best Waterproof Work Boots 10

KEEN Utility makes some of the most comfortable and durable work boots ever! This top-rated boots is one of their best works yet and it has everything you would expect from a KEEN Utility boot plus more.

The most notable thing about this boot is how tough it is. This boot is designed to provide solid protection in harsh work environments.

You will be confident working in any construction site or even demolition site with this boot on. Because it is steel-toed, slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

The second most notable thing about this boot is its comfortable design. This boot has a footbed that cradles the foot and provides it with maximum cushioning. It is also supportive and quite stable for extra comfort and confidence while at work.

The midsole of this KEEN Utility boot has a soft cushion to protect the knees and back and delay foot fatigue. The fact that this boot is breathable also makes it super comfortable.

Like most work boots, this boot is not perfect. It comes with two minor flaws – it is not insulated and it requires good maintenance to remain waterproof for a long time.


  • This is a fantastic pair of waterproof boots for work
  • It is extremely comfortable and safe
  • It is top-rated but reasonably-priced
  • It is slip-resistant and protective


  • It is not insulated
  • It requires good maintenance to remain waterproof

By looking at the strengths and weaknesses of this boot, the strengths outweigh the weaknesses. This makes it a super waterproof work boot perfect for various work settings.

Are Waterproof Work Boots Worth It?

Best Waterproof Work Boots 11

Yes, they are. There are several reasons why I say so. First, they keep water out. You cannot continue working when water gets into your boot because it will make you feel uncomfortable and unstable.

So wearing waterproof boots to keep water out is important. Second, they prevent infections. When your feet are constantly wet, you will most probably develop a foot infection.

However, waterproof boots that keep our water and ensure your feet remain dry and comfortable will prevent this from happening.

Lastly, wet feet moving around wet boots can cause bunions or blisters and a lot of pain. However, when you wear waterproof boots, you can prevent this from happening as your feet will almost always be cool and dry.

So based on these three reasons, I am sure you too can see the benefits of waterproof boots and appreciate the fact that they are worth it.

What Different of Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant?

In this article, I reviewed both waterproof and water-resistant boots. Waterproof boots are those that have a special waterproof membrane such as Gore-Tex that keeps water out.

They completely prevent water from getting into them. In contrast, water-resistant boots are often made of leather-only. And with leather being water-resistant, they can keep water out. However, when exposed to water for long, water can penetrate water-resistant boots.

In other words, what I am trying to say is that waterproof boots are engineered to keep water out. They are also tested if they can keep water out and only sold as waterproof when they pass various waterproof tests.

In contrast, water-resistant boots are those that are made of leather and naturally keep water out because they are made of leather and water cannot pass through them.

However, since they can allow water in, in various ways when exposed to water for an extended period of time since they are not specifically engineered to keep water out.

Some people use the terms waterproof and water-resistant interchangeably since they somewhat mean the same thing as explained above.


Factors to Consider when Buying a Waterproof Work Boot

Best Waterproof Work Boots 13

In many blue collar work environments, work boots are a must. However, the type of work boot you should buy isn’t often specified so you have to decide for yourself.

This is usually difficult for many people because there are lots of work boots available on the market. In this section, I will reveal to you what you need to consider when you want to buy a waterproof work boot.

Let’s begin.

1. Comfort

Comfort is the number one thing you need to consider. If you are like most workers in the United States, you are going to be spending between 8 and 12 hours a day in your work boot.

Therefore, you should make sure the boot you buy is very comfortable, otherwise your feet will be sore or painful at the end of every workday.

The most comfortable waterproof work boots are those that are lightweight and have a cushioned insole or midsole.

2. Risks

When choosing a work boot you need to consider foot hazards at your workplace e.g.  Electric shock, sharp objects, slippery floors, hot surfaces, chemicals, and heavy objects that can fall on your toes.

Once you identify hazards, make sure the boot you buy has a feature that can protect you against all the hazards at your workplace.

For example, if there is an electric shock hazard and hot surfaces, you should make sure the boot you purchase has electrical hazard protection and heat-resistant outsoles.

3. Materials

The best work boots are those that are made of high-quality leather and abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles. Such work boots are often durable and can be repaired once they exhibit serious signs of wear and tear.

So when buying a waterproof work shoe, make sure you pay careful attention on the material used.

4. Traction

You should make sure the waterproof boot you purchase has got good traction. A boot with good traction is one with an outsole that is treaded in such a way to prevent slipping, falling, and injuring oneself.

Good traction also guarantees stability. Without stability, you should know it will be nearly impossible for you to work.

5. Fit

In addition to the above, you should make sure the work shoe you purchase fits you well. Because if it doesn’t, it will either feel tight and uncomfortable or be too spacious to serve you well.


Alright, this article has reviewed the very best work boots currently available on the market. You now have only a small list of boots from which to choose a suitable work boot for you.

You also know the pros and cons of each boot and what you really need to consider and why. It should be easy for you to decide which pair in my list of best waterproof work boots is the best.

In my opinion, the best one is the Chippewa boot. Made in the USA, this boot is completely waterproof, safe, and very comfortable. It is the perfect work shoe for many blue collar jobs.


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